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Busy traveling

April 10, 2015

This has been a busy week and it is not officially over. I head to Hot Springs for the weekend, but it should be a bit more relaxing than the meeting to meeting routine of the week. Yesterday I had an early morning meeting at the LR Statehouse Convention Center to discuss dates and locales for the 2017 State MG conference. I left that meeting and ran to the office to work with the PNG Leadership team to discuss the budget for the 2015 Leadership conference at the Red Apple Inn.png planning apr.15 (2) The dates are October 19 and 20. Registration will open in June, but rooms are going quickly at the Red Apple Inn. If you want to pre-book a room, just tell them it is a MG event to get our special rate.

I left that meeting and drove to Glenwood to do a community gardening program. They had a great turnout and a lot of questions. glenwood apr.15 (2) It was a pretty drive with the redbuds and dogwoods in bloom all along the way, but clouds were coming as I drove home. We had some pretty intense thunder for a bit, and a little rain, but luckily the heavy storms missed us. It did bring cooler temperatures. It was 50 this morning, and with the rain yesterday it freshened up the landscape. The blue skies gave all the trees and plants a fresh new look. It also helped to wash off some pollen, but more is back today.

I drove to Hot Springs Village this morning to speak to their Audubon group. We had another nice group and talked landscaping for the birds. audobon soc hsv.apr10.15 (2) The wisteria were in bloom all over the roadsides, but although pretty, they can be deadly to the trees if allowed to grow like this. wisteria apr10.15 (1)
They took me to lunch at one of the golf courses after the meeting and while the landscape design is great, the crape murder and red mulch not so much! golf course landscapeing hsv.apr10.15 (2)

red mulch hsvapr10.15 (3) This is a nice use of Carolina jasmine as a groundcover instead of an upright vine. carolina jasmine as groundcover.apr10.15 (1)

carolina jasmine as groundcover.apr10.15 (2) After bloom, a haircut with even a weedeater will help to thicken it up.

Doing a bird friendly talk was timely, since I have birds all over the deck. Mother and father Robin are back for the 4th year in a row and have three babies that they are frantically feeding. robin and babies apr10.15 (1) They even handled the new deck construction and allowed pictures from the workers. We covered the bird houses that had babies in them at night and needed a temporary move for construction. They seem to be doing fine, but now we need to move them back.And speaking of decks–it is done and it looks amazing. deck apr10.15. we took out some things and are rearranging, but the same basic footprint of the old deck, just resurfaced. Now we have to arrange it all.

Last night after I got home I started on our taxes, and I think I about have them finished. That was why there was no blog last night–I was brain dead!

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