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A wonderful day in Garland County

April 12, 2015

It was a beautiful crisp morning at Lake Ouachita. After a healthy breakfast we went exploring.

IMG_0583 first stop was three sisters springs named for the founders three daughters.


IMG_0571 each spring supposedly have healing powers, but the water is not considered safe for drinking, however several folks were filling water bottles. We drove around the lake and went on a 1/2 mile hike.

I am trying to recall which storm decimated the forests here. We saw many dead, uprooted or falling trees as we hiked. We also saw numerous wildflowers including mayapples and tradescantia all over the place.



I took a lot of pictures but my ipad says I am overloaded, so will need to purge when I get home.
Then this afternoon I went to a going away reception for Bob Byers hosted by Nancy and Ann.


IMG_0668 a fitting tribute was a pair of garden boots for cards.

Then I drove to Garvan Gardens to meet up with Kansas City MGs.

They were on the grand tour through Tulsa to Ft. Smith t

IMG_0686</ to Hot Springs, then on to Fayetteville and Bentonville tomorrow. It was a great visit.

The gardens look great. Then we came back to the cabin and I cooked a meal of chicken, fresh greens from my garden and Lelia made me some poke salat greens–a first for me. They tasted good but smelled like grass.

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