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A very happy birthday

April 19, 2015

Today was a great day. The weather turned out gorgeous for most of the day and we were inside at a concert when the storm hit, so we missed all the excitement. My husband cooked brunch for me when I got home from church, I received wonderful presents and loads of phone calls, cards and emails. Social media really expands your network–thank you to all who sent messages, e-cards and more via Facebook. This evening we went to dinner with the kids and friends, then the kids went home and we went on to the Fleetwood Mac concert. fleetwood mac concert.15 (2)

fleetwood mac concert.15 (3)

The place was packed, and while we thought it would mainly be our age folks we were amazed at the young people in attendance. We sat next to several 20 somethings and they knew all the words to the songs! It was a fun concert, and amazing that they could still perform as full-out as they did considering the youngest one of them is 66 and the oldest is 71! fleetwood mac concert.15 (1)

fleetwood mac concert.15 (10)

fleetwood mac concert.15 (12)

fleetwood mac concert.15 (14)

fleetwood mac concert.15 (15) They have obviously aged and they can’t hit the really high notes anymore, but they played many of our favorites, and we all sang along. It was great fun. We came out and the temperatures had dropped a good ten degrees or more since we went in. When we got home, we still had hail on the deck at 11 p.m. sleet apr19.15 (1)

sleet apr19.15 (2) and this picture sent to me from Mt. Magazine which happened earlier in the day. hail damage mt magazine apr19 Those green things used to be hostas! It is too dark to check my plants, but will take a look tomorrow.

In spite of tonight’s storm (which we missed) it has been a good day. Just think, last year I was on a houseboat in France and this year at a Fleetwood Mac concert for my birthday. We need to start planning something for next year!!

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