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A productive Sunday

April 26, 2015

It was a much cooler day than yesterday and a great day to work in the yard. We got a LOT accomplished, but there is so much more to do. prunings.apr26.15 We pruned, and I had help on the big jobs, but then I finished doing all the spring plants that have finished blooming, and then low hanging limbs on loropetalum, Japanese maple, and tulip magnolia. I also thinned out the nandina and yellow twigged dogwood, cutting out the older, woodier limbs at the soil line. This should rejuvenate them and bring on new tender stems, which will give me more foliage on nandina and more yellow twigs on the dogwood. my yard apr26.15.1I pruned out all the dead wood on the hydrangeas and figs, and weeded some beds.

my yard apr26.15.2
I used the weedeater on the front and side yard, and did some thinning. I did not get anything new planted, since time ran out.

I also cleaned house, did laundry, did a Sam’s run and went to the grocery store, then prepped a bit for a big meal I am making for Tuesday. sous vide pork loin apr26.15.6 You really have to juggle when you are on the road a lot!
My yard is coming together, and so much is blooming now. One of my clematis is lovely clematis apr.26.15 (1), and the dianthus, violas and sage are looking great dianthus and viola apr26.15. The roses are beginning to bloom knockout rose pink apr26,15

rose osoeasy yellow apr26.15

rose root stock apr26 (1)

Lots of buds are about to pop on many plants in the garden, so each day is a new adventure!

Here are the answers for your mystery plants from last week, and this weeks challenge:

Mystery plant A – mystery plant a apr27.15 is Baptisia (bap-TIS-ee-uh)or False Indigo. This member of the bean family comes in a wide array of colors, from blue or purple, to white, pale yellow and bright yellow. This native perennial plant is about 3-4 feet tall and forms an erect, sparsely branched bush, getting larger each year with age. Easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Best in full sun. Tolerates drought and poor soils.

Mystery plant B – mystery plant b. apr20.152 is the Red Buckeye. Aesculus pavia,(ES-kew-lus PAH-vee-uh) commonly called red buckeye, is a deciduous clump-forming shrub or small tree with an irregular rounded crown. It typically grows 10-20’ tall and blooms most on the edge of the forest or in full sun. Showy, panicles of red to orange-red, narrow-tubular flowers appear in spring. Palmately compound, shiny, dark green leaves are attractive in spring and early summer, but usually begin to decline by August, making them not too attractive after that.

Mystery plant C – mystery plant c apr20.152 is Indian Hawthorne or Rhaphiolepis indica (raf-ee-oh-LEP-iss IN-dih-kuh) is an evergreen shrub for full sun. Plants come with white or pink blooms and do best from around central Arkansas south.

Here are your mystery plant challenges for the week:
Mystery plant A – mystery plant A apr27.151

mystery plant A apr27.152 is a deciduous plant.

Mystery plant B – mystery plant b. apr.27.15.1

mystery plant b. apr.27.15.2 is a perennial

Mystery plant C – mystery plant c apr27.15. is a perennial.

Good Luck!

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