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County 76 April meeting

April 28, 2015

Today was our secondly quarterly meeting and almost 60 Master Gardeners converged in Little Rock from as far north as Fayetteville and as far south as El Dorado, so we had the bulk of the state covered. County 76 apr28 (2) Each of these advisory meetings just get better and better. We were so efficient today that we got done thirty minutes early. This morning we had regular reports and an update from me. There are still a lot of questions concerning money matters, especially fund-raising, so we spend quite a bit of time on that. Then the Advanced Training committee had the program on how to conduct advanced training. Mary Wells walked them through the steps. Then we had lunch, and I am happy to report that the meal was met with approval. We did run out of ratatouille, which I thought would happen, but we had enough of the rest of the meal–and thankfully, the meat was not dry. I think I have sold some folks on a sous vide machine–maybe I should look into a commission:)! sous vide pork loin apr26.15.2 - Copy

sous vide pork loin apr26.15.4 - Copy There were a lot of questions and interest in the machine. I trimmed the meat of all fat, rubbed it with a coffee rub, then sous vided it for 6 hours last night. I sliced it and added the sauce I made, then re-vaccum sealed it and refrigerated it, then reheated it today at the office with the sous vide machine at 140 degrees for a couple of hours. It turned out pretty good. Several of our officers brought drinks and desserts, so everyone was well fed.

After lunch groups broke into committee meetings County 76 apr28 (4)and then reconvened to share updates.County 76 apr28 (5)

County 76 apr28 (6)
Then after a few closing comments, we inducted four new members–two from Washington County (Fayetteville), one from Pope County (Russellville) and one from Garland County (Hot Springs). County 76 apr28 (1)

County 76 apr28 (8)

It has been a cold day all day–I could have used a fire, if we had any wood left!, but luckily the rain ended before we loaded up and headed for the various parts of the state.

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