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The days just get better and better

April 29, 2015

It was a fantastic day, and I only wish I could have spent it in the garden. Still cool in the morning, but it warmed up nicely by this afternoon. We leave in less than two weeks for France, and our packets have all arrived and people are getting excited about the trip. I have so much to do BEFORE I do, that I really haven’t stopped to think about what to take yet. We have a full boat load–the entire ship is ours, so it should be full of gardening talk!

This cool weather has definitely delayed things in the garden, so don’t be concerned if your plants are not growing as quickly as you would like. Be patient, but plants are arriving daily at garden centers, so if you have time to garden–get out there and plant.

The Aucuba plants set more fruit this year than normal, large red berries on the female plants. acuba fruit.mar.15.. Right now they are shedding old leaves and some gardeners are concerned that their plants are dying due to all the yellow leaves. aucuba shedding old leaves.15.1 Don’t be alarmed–unless your yellowing is all the way to the tip of the plant. As you can see in this picture, there are plenty of healthy green leaves at the top of the stems, but the older leaves are shedding. Evergreen plants do lose old leaves–some periodically throughout the season, and some all at once more dramatically. The plants are fine.

I have also been getting a lot of questions about poison ivy–and it is everywhere right now. We had a huge crop in our front flower beds at the office, and I even have a bit of a rash where I came in contact with it in my yard–and I try to protect myself. poison ivy 2 apr.29.15

poison ivy apr29.15.

Learn to recognize it. They come in leaves of three, but so do many other plants. The bottom two leaflets are typically attached together with the center leaflet sticking out a bit. Gardeners beware!

Tonight Julie and I took Holly out for dinner to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day (it was last week, but I was out-of-town). We ate dinner outside and it was lovely. dinner for holly ap29.154 Julie and Holly’s desserts came with edible flowers, pansies on one and snapdragon on the other. dinner for holly ap29.155

dinner for holly ap29.156 Julie probably closed her eyes on purpose so I wouldn’t use her picture!

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