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A full, productive (and fun) Cinco de mayo!

May 5, 2015

If you have ever planned a conference, or even a party–small or large, you know that good planning and organization can make or break you. Our annual Arkansas State Master Gardener Conference is a LARGE event, and it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a year or more of planning and a great team of volunteers to make it run smoothly. Today I began the day with some preliminary planning for our 2017 event in Little Rock. We need to lock in our venue and dates so we met early this morning at the Doubletree to see what they have to offer and see what they hope Robinson Center will look like by then. doubletree may5.15.02

doubletree may5.15.06

doubletree may5.15.09

doubletree may5.15.13

doubletree may5.15.17

doubletree may5.15.18
We are getting prices and quotes from a variety of venues, so now we are narrowing down our choices.

I left downtown Little Rock and headed to Benton where we had the walk-through of the Benton Event Center with our 80 volunteers. When we got there, the doors weren’t open yet, so we were standing outside visiting when a friendly puppy arrived. It is too busy a location for a loose running dog, so we captured him, and I was making a run to get some food and a leash when animal services pulled up– a neighbor had already called. puppy missing may 5.15.2 I thought it was going to be sad to watch the puppy be loaded in the back of the truck, but the nice man had the dog ride shotgun in the front seat. Hopefully, he and his owner are reconnected. Then it was inside to visit with our volunteers for the conference. saline county walk through may 5.15.4

saline county walk through may 5.15.5

saline county walk through may 5.15.6

saline county walk through may 5.15.7 We went over the entire program, passed out the volunteer shirts and nametags and introduced the committee chairs.saline county walk through may 5.15.2

Afterwards we went and picked up the rest of the t-shirts and other merchandise for the conference. Then tonight, Randy picked me up to attend Chris Olsen’s Cinco de Mayo party. Great food, wonderful people and a stunning garden. What more could you ask for?!bromelliads outside may5.15

chris olsen cinco de mayo.ma5.15.2

chris olsen cinco de mayo.ma5.15.7

chris olsen may5.15.02chris olsen may5.15.07

chris olsen may5.15.09

Chris always has something unique and different in his home and garden. He also has some invasive plants like this bamboo, which he loves, and I hate! bamboo giant and randy.may5.152chris olsen cinco de mayo.ma5.15.1


All in all, quite a productive day, and also fun!

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