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Beaches of Normandy and the cider route

May 17, 2015

one bus went to Pays D’Auge and the Cider Route and four buses went to the Beaches of Normandy. Both were all day tours, and once again we had gorgeous weather. Our tour took a lovely drive through apple country, with quaint towns, pretty houses and gardens and lovely churches. Our first stop was a Calvados distillery, Chateau Du Breuil where we toured the plant and got to sample the product. Then it was on to a small village, Cambremer for lunch before heading to Chateau de St. Germain for a lovely home and castle tour.

The Normandy tour took you back to 1944 when the Allied Forces stormed the beaches of Normandy.  They started at the cemetary at Omaha Beach. Katie and Clay walked to the beach to get sand, and then the group drove to the beach by bus. They went to Pointe du Hoc  where the rangers scaled the cliffs to take out the German guns. Gunmounts were still there to see along with huge bomb craters. It was a very touching day.

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