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A wet holiday weekend

May 25, 2015

My housesitter/dogsitter did an amazing job and one thing that made her job even easier was all the rain. She did not have to water as much as she might have, if we were not in the midst of the monsoon season! I did walk my garden yesterday, and even a bit the day I got home, but I was in a bit of a haze. I took inventory today, and I have a jungle. All this rain has made my garden grow too well. I have pruning jobs to do, and some thinning–does anyone need any toad lily? It is spreading like wildfire. It is hard to say that my garden is growing too well–plants are taking over and there are no new places to plant!

I about got carried away tonight by mosquitoes–they are breeding faster than rabbits in all this moisture. I didn’t last too long under their attack. My vegetables are growing nicely, and I need to replant, weed, mow, prune, and so many more jobs, but weather wasn’t on my side this weekend, which was probably good, as I got things done inside.

If you are growing hardy hibiscus, check them for insect damage–the mallow sawfly is back! I will post pictures on facebook, as I am still hogtied here!:(
The yellow butterfly weed is in full bloom in spite of being stepped on by the pond guy, and the single gardenia is almost finished. The summer blooming spirea is in full glory all over the yard and the salsa coreopsis is back and blooming profusely. Maybe I will have a good weekend to work in the garden next weekend.

I have been getting reports from Saline County about straight line winds and many trees down from last night, and we have flooding in a variety of areas in the state, and it looks like more weather is headed our way, so pay attention. I saw a huge tree down in Rebsamen today. You will be able to see from the pictures that it was totally hollow. The tree behind it doesn’t look much better, so take inventory of your trees, and if they are not safe, remove them and plants something else. Stay safe tonight.

Tomorrow it is back to the office and put the finishing touches on state MG conference.

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