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Paris Extension

May 27, 2015

Over half our participants either came early or stayed late for a Paris extension. We started with a city tour. paris city tour.27 paris sightseeing.05 paris city tour.arc de Triomphe du Carrousel1 paris city tour.10 paris city tour.03 paris city tour Paris opera house.2eiffel tower and tennis ball.01Then it was on to the Musee de’Orsay

musee de orsay04 musee de orsay08 musee de orsay13 musee de orsay15 musee de orsay21 musee de orsay35 musee de orsay40

Then we had free time that afternoon. I went to the Luxemburg Gardens. luxemburg gardens.02 luxemburg gardens.05 luxemburg gardens.14 luxemburg gardens.15 luxemburg gardens.23 luxemburg gardens.25

The next morning 55 of us headed to Versailles for a tour.

versailles.06 versailles.10 versailles.11 versailles.13 versailles.20 versailles.21 versailles.25 versailles.26 versailles.35 versailles.388 of us rented two golf carts and did a marathon drive through of the gardens.

Then that evening we had two bus loads headed out for a tour of Montmartre and the Illuminations tour.

montmartre.15.06 montmartre.15.10 montmartre.15.14 montmartre.15.15sacre coure4 sacre coure5

illuminations tour.15.03 illuminations tour.15.17 illuminations tour.15.23 illuminations tour.15.36 illuminations tour.15.39 sacre coure8

Paris by night was pretty impressive!

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