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We are back!! French Study Tour condensed.

May 27, 2015

It only took several emails, and a 30 minute on-line chat–(they don’t talk live), and we have resolved the issues of wordpress, and we are back in blog business. The last two days have been a whirlwind of activity–arriving early and staying late, getting out letters to those attending state MG conference next week, those with special meals, those who have registered for the pre-tour and getting information out to the folks who have registered for the Saturday MG classes beginning June 13. So if any of the above apply to you, be on the lookout for an email or snail mail. I also completed a letter and survey to those who attended the France study trip and those should be out soon from Michelle, so again–look for it soon.

I think jetlag has passed and I am back on my normal schedule. Here is an abbreviated rundown of the trip to France:
Day 1 – we arrived and boarded the ship, and had a nice welcome reception and dinner before most folks crashed early. IMG_1954


Day 2 we took our first excursion with all of us heading to Monet’s Garden, Giverny. monets garden wisteria

monet's garden.06

monet's garden.09

monet's garden.13

monet's garden.19

monet's garden.29
The next day was a walking tour of town in Caudebec-en-Caux , followed by either a tour to Honfleur or an Abbey excursion. We were enchanted by Honfleur.honfleur03



Then it was either the Normandy Beaches or the Calvados apple tour:
normandy beaches.clay01

normandy beaches.clay06

normandy beaches.clay08

normandy beaches.clay12

normandy beaches.clay15
and the other tour:
calvados distillery.2

calvados distillery.3
village cambremer.3

village cambremer.4

village cambremer.5chateau de St.Germain01

chateau de St.Germain03

chateau de St.Germain12

chateau de St.Germain15
The next day we were in Rouen, where we had a bike tour or walking tour of the town, followed by a private garden tour.
private garden le vasterival jc.02

private garden le vasterival jc.07

private garden le vasterival jc.08

private garden2.02

private garden2.03

private garden2.05

private garden2.06
Next stop was Les Andelys and Chateau Gaillard
les andelys tour.clay.1

les andelys tour.clay.7

les andelys. view from above.clayChateau Gaillard.Les 7.01

Chateau Gaillard.Les 7.02

Chateau Gaillard.Les 7.03
Our last day was Malmaison, the home of Napolean and Josephine or Vincent Van Gogh’s home.






I will add more on other posts.

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