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Wet yards, flowers and friends.

May 30, 2015

Boy did it rain last night. The winds blew, we had lightning and thunder and rain, rain, rain. There is a lot of flooding across Arkansas and tonight they say we can have more heavy rain coming with more chances tomorrow. Even though the sun did shine this afternoon, my yard was too wet to plant. Maybe the forecast will be wrong tomorrow.

The rain has helped plants grow. I have seen some really tall perennials recently, and the hydrangeas that didn’t get zapped are blooming. Have you noticed any large flower heads? All that I am seeing are about half-size or smaller than normal. I am not sure if that has to do with winter weather or the fact that many of them bloomed really late last fall, so they may not have had ample time to set big flower buds. hydrangeas may 30.15.1

hydrangeas may 30.15.2

hydrangeas may 30.15.3 Pretty none-the-less.

Another thing that has been aided by the rain are slugs! I have had more calls and questions about them this year than many others. Tonight at a friend’s house she had several beer traps loaded to the gill with the nasty critters. slugs may30.151 Maybe we need to market them as Arkansas escargot?!

We had a night of laughter and talking with a girls night out dinner. We had wonderful potluck salad foods and fresh fruit. dinner party may30.151

dinner party may30.152

dinner party may30.153 We talked gardening and travel–all but one have been on at least one of our MG study trips. Hard to believe I got home from France a week ago today. It seems like it was much longer ago. Several have had problems recovering from jet lag, but I was pretty lucky this go round.

We walked the garden before we ate. She has lovely blackberries and grapes, but the pH must be off kilter for the blueberries because they were suffering from iron chlorosis. blackberries may 30.153

blueberries may 30.15.2

grapes may 30.15. Her rock wall garden is really filling in nicely. rock wall garden may30.15 and the vertical herb garden is doing great. vertical herb garden may30.15
We did eat inside because the gnats and mosquitoes were getting bad. They also have been aided by the rain.

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