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June 1, 2015

Today would have been a great day to spend in the garden; mild temperatures and NO rain! What a treat. But instead, we were at the office finalizing everything for this weeks conference and writing columns. This afternoon we did the Sam’s run and we hope we know how to plan for 500 coffee and tea drinkers for three days. My car is loaded to the gills. One of the Sam’s workers said, “You trying to keep them awake?!”. supplies.june1.1

supplies.june1.2 Although we spent a pretty good chunck of change–over $600–making our own coffee and tea is dirt cheap compared to hotel rates. We have paid as much as $65 per gallon.

Tomorrow we load more and start making deliveries.

All the rain has also prompted a lot of mushrooms. mushrooms may31.15 (1)

mushrooms may31.15 (3) People are calling asking how to control them. Just knock them down and when things dry out, they will too. I also love how the moss is spreading. Why people constantly ask how to kill it, is beyond me. Moss is a wonderful, low maintenance ground cover, and if you have it, you probably can’t grow grass because of shade. moss may31.15.moss saline

Although I am not a fan of cactus, and prickly pear in particular can be a weed, the blooms right now are pretty amazing, and in my colors! I took these pictures yesterday at a friends house.
prickley pear cactus may31.15.1

prickley pear cactus may31.15.2 Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, and enjoy!

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