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State MG Conference Friday

June 5, 2015

I was amazed that our tour buses arrived by 6 a.m. this morning.  We had volunteers already setting up and getting active at 6:30, so it was another early morning.  We got 7 bus loads out on garden tours at 8:15 a.m. and had three concurrent seminars going all morning and afternoon. 2015 state mg conf. friday02 2015 state mg conf. friday04 2015 state mg conf. friday06 2015 state mg conf. friday07

We usually have  a pretty split group–half on tours and half in classes.  2015 state mg conf. friday22 2015 state mg conf. friday23Classes included topics on butterflies, native plants, gourds, backyard chickens, flower arranging, ferns, MG program planning and more.  There was a lot of education going on, and a lot of sharing of ideas.  During the meals, folks could visit and share with each other.

2015 state mg conf. friday15 2015 state mg conf. friday16 2015 state mg conf. friday19

The silent auction was a huge success and we got most of the items picked up and distributed tonight. 2015 state mg conf. friday30

We have had great support from the facility folks at the Benton Event Center as well as our great group of volunteers. It has been a smooth event, and tonight we had a barbeque dinner and got to listen to a DJ and dance and have fun. 2015 state mg conf. friday34 leader of the pack

There were a lot of phones and cameras jumping out as the dancing began, and I have seen quite a few images already posted on facebook and via email.  For those unafraid of dancing, it was a really good time–for folks of all ages.   It doesn’t matter how well you dance, just getting up and dancing is having fun!  A great time was had by many!

Tomorrow we wrap up with our final keynote and our awards program.  Saline County should be proud!

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