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Mena and Supper Club

June 19, 2015

After all the rain of yesterday, we awoke to clear skies and mild temperatures this morning in Mena. First stop was some coffee at the local McDonalds, and I was super impressed with their landscaping. mcdonalds mena.jun15.1

mcdonalds mena.jun15.2

Then I drove to MG Joan Irish’s to see the landscape design she created with help from the landscape design class she took at Garvan Gardens with Bob Byers and I as instructors. She is an artist by profession, so she is a step ahead of the game, but she did a fabulous job recreating her yard after the devastating tornado that removed all the trees in her neighborhood several years ago. mena storm
daylilies mena.june.15.

eleagnus hedge mena.jun15.1

irish landscape mena.jun15.3

irish landscape mena.jun15.5

shasta daisies june.mena.15.
It was all framed by an immaculate lawn. She had something for color in every season and really chose a good plant palate.
Then I stopped by to see the MG project at the Polk County Courthouse. It is looking great. mena courthouse.2015 june.1

mena courthouse.2015 june.3
I also stopped in to see the project on the new meeting space for the Polk County Extension office. It is getting there and will be an amazing room soon.polk county building june19.152 polk county building june19.152

It was an easier drive home in pleasant weather. I got some errands run and then tonight was our supper club. Due to scheduling conflicts we had it on a Friday night instead of Saturday. The meal was superb–we had a Peruvian dinner and Margaret and Eldon outdid themselves.

supper club june.15.2 supper club june.15.3 supper club june.15.4 supper club june.15.5supper club june.15.1

Great food and great friends!

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