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Finally, A Day in the Garden

June 20, 2015

I have not had time to spend in the garden since before May 11 when I went to France! The few times I would have had time, it rained, and then I worked! Thanks to White County MGs and agent Sherri Sanders for taking the lead on Saturday MG training in Conway, white co mgs at work

white co sat tr.. Their leadership allowed me a free Saturday to work in my garden, and I heard nothing but glowing reports. Thanks.

I hit it early and used the weed-eater until it ran out of string. I decided that was a sign that said enough for the day! I reloaded it for possibly tomorrow and recharged it. I got the entire front and side yard done and put a dent in the back yard. All that rain and a lack of regular attention has a lot of work ahead of me.

I also pulled most of the remaining winter vegetables, and we ate the Swiss chard tonight for dinner. I replanted with more tomatoes and peppers, and I can’t find any eggplants anywhere. mulching rice hulls. jun15.1

mulching rice hulls. jun15.2

mulching rice hulls. jun15.5

mulching rice hulls. jun15.6 I used 10 more bags of super soil and compost and I bought 4 50 pound bags of rice hulls and used 2 today–I was so pooped I had to stop at 2:30. I did get the garden fertilized, and thinned out the toad lily which is growing too well. toad lilies thinnied jun20.15. Hopefully tomorrow I can do a little more, but I have inside stuff to do as well.

My garden is coming along. The new David Austin rose I planted is lovely and not a sign of leaf spot disease and NO sprays. rose david austin new.june20.151

rose david austin new.june20.153
My panicle hydrangea are loaded with buds,hydrangea paniculata buds.jun20.15. and the beautyberry is blooming now. The flowers aren’t showy, but the resulting berries will be. beautyberry blooming june20.15.2. I also have the first bloom on the erythrina–coral berry coral bean erythrina jun20.15. and was surprised to see blooms on the caryopteris already caryopteris snow fairy in bloom,jun20.15.2

cuphea reseeded.june.15.1

cuphea reseeded.june.15.3 As I was weedeating, I noticed these cupheas had reseeded from last year, so I had to work around them.

I also thought I would give you a different kind of plant challenge–a seed challenge. Let’s see who can identify these seed pods. Some are easy and at least one is quite challenging.
These first two are perennials
1mystery seed pods.june22.15.1
2mystery seed pods.june22.15.4
The next two are trees:
3. mystery seed pod3.
4mystery seed pod 4.
and this last is a shrub
mystery seed pods.june22.15.3

Good luck.

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