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APGA day of learning

June 23, 2015

It was a day full of learning at the annual American Public Garden  Association meeting.  I will say, it is hard to sit all day long but I did learn  a lot that I can bring back to our programs. I did two leadership classes on leading organizational change and the journey of emerging leadership and the struggles and successes. I also participated in a an education forum and heard a keynote speaker on the value of community.  There are leaders from all over the US and Mexico and Canada here, all working to network and get new ideas. apga lunchday1 apga theme apga tues.1 apga While the sessions have been very good today, it is also the networking with other people that makes these workshops so valuable.   We had an opening reception tonight to end the day.

After that Julie and I went out to celebrate my 31st wedding anniversary.  20140623-205703.jpg

Last year I was with Clay in Scotland, and this year with Julie in Minneapolis!!dinner anniversayr jun.156 dinner anniversayr jun.153Clay and I will celebrate again on Saturday!

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