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Finally, a day in the office and mystery plants

July 1, 2015

I did have a whole day in the office, but unfortunately had an all afternoon meeting on money management that cut into my work load, but I still got a lot accomplished. Julie and I leave again for a week next Tuesday going to Austin for a youth gardening and Junior Master Gardener conference, so we are trying to tie up loose ends for Saturday MG conference, the Heirloom Plants workshop at Garvan Gardens on July 13, County 76 events, and Advanced MG training on bees on July 15. So much to do. I also have columns to write, so time is of the essence.

I forgot to identify the mystery seeds and load this weeks challenge, so here goes:
Mystery seed 1 – mystery seed pods.june22.15.4 is the seed pod from moon flower Datura moon flower datura sept8 (1). These spiny seed pods open and drop seeds, which can reseed themselves.

Seed 2 – mystery seed pods.june22.15.3 is the seed pod for the Chinese sweet shrub (Sinocalycanthus or Calycanthus chinensis). This deciduous shrub grows 8 to 10 feet tall and blooms with large non-fragrant flowers in the shade. sinocalycanthus may.1

Seed 3 –mystery seed pods.june22.15.1 is a classic milkweed seed pod. This one is from my butterfly weed and if you want your plant to be more free-flowering, then you should dead-head (cut off the spent blooms to prevent seed set). butterfly weed aesclepias learning fields june5.

Seed 4 – mystery seed pod3. is the seed pod from a sweet bay magnolia. The plants at the Hope Research Station were loaded, which meant they bloomed beautifully. As they mature, they will turn an interesting pinkish red. sweet bay magnolia seeds.aug18.15

sweetbay magnolia

Seed 5 – mystery seed pod 4. are the seed pods from the Royal Paulownia or Empress tree. While the purple blooms are showy, royal paulownia tree2the seeds scatter and germinate at will, making them a somewhat invasive species.

Here are your mystery plants for the week:
Mystery plant A – mystery plant a.june29. is a plant sent in to me for identification.

Mystery plant B – mystery plant b.jun29 was sent to me from friends touring a garden.

and Mystery plant C – mystery plant c. june29.1

mystery plant c. june29.2 is a perennial.

Good Luck!

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