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Storms and plants

July 3, 2015

They say that God makes rainy days to give gardeners a chance to clean their house, so I did do some cleaning and organizing, but I also ran a lot of errands today. The rain came and went off and on all day with a total so far of almost 1 1/2 inches. There were times (and I was out driving in it) when it literally poured buckets. People were pulling off onto the side of the road, which I also don’t think is that safe. Other times–like now, the sun is shining. It was one of those sun-shining moments when I left to go to Plantopia–Chris Olsen’s new nursery in NLR. He has really transformed the old Lakewood Gardens and he had a lot of plants–tropicals, houseplants and even annuals. Several of the torenia I bought were really overgrown, but I need overgrown since I am starting a tad late. plantopia july3.151

plantopia july3.152

plantopia july3.154

plantopia july3.155 I also got some great bargains, since there was a sale. The hanging baskets of dragonwing begonias were large and nicely priced. You can see from the skies that the sunshine was fading fast. By the time I hit the interstate it was thundering,lightening and pouring rain. I had a couple more errands and got the car unloaded without getting too soaked. Hopefully I can plant later tomorrow or Sunday. I got my new mini SD card for the Go Pro, so maybe I can video my planting! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get to plant. I am sure Clay was elated to see new plants since I am leaving town again next week!!

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