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Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2015

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend.july_4_fireworks We started with rain again–now up to 3 inches in two days, but when have we said that in July in Arkansas? I worked on inside things again, and even tackled part of the garage–it will take months to get it done, but I felt productive. By 10:30 the rain had stopped and by 11 I was outside going strong. Weeds are really easy to pull in moist soil, so I weeded beds, pruned some limbs, deadheaded roses and perennials and fertilized the vegetables and annuals before another shower (which hasn’t come yet) and by 2 this afternoon, I planted! I also attempted the Go Pro, but it was a NO GO–I thought I was doing video, and I was somehow taking still photos. The first attempt at potting, I was also shooting my feet, not the pot. I think it takes a village. I will try again tomorrow. Julie will be happy if I don’t get the hang of this, because she is worried about being featured live now, not still!

Look at this pot by the front door. dragonwing begonia.july4.15 Doesn’t it look like I have been growing it for months, instead of popping it out of a hanging basket and plopping it in? I also added the yellow dracena at the front door and it looks great with my bromelliad. container front.july5.15.
I worked until 2:45 planting most of what I bought yesterday and some red okra seed I found in the garage–see what cleaning can do! and I was pooped. I watered everything I had planted and called it a day. It was humid, although not overly hot. I have a bit more yard things tomorrow, and maybe I can begin to master the Go Pro–maybe a getting there pro!
Glad the rain cleared so people can enjoy the fireworks. Happy Birthday America!fireworks 1

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