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Austin, Arlington and Home

July 12, 2015

I know Julie is as happy to be home as I am, although it was a very good trip. We had a good last half day yesterday before heading to Arlington to stay with my sister for the night. Julie got to listen to our very own Benton Co. MG Mechel Wall on essential oils,mechel wall.july15 (2) and Mechel wowed them! I listened to a very informative innovative garden seminar–and I was a bit off on my details about Oregon. They currently have 607 school gardens across the state and their legislature has earmarked over $4.5 MILLION to ensure a school garden in every school across their state. Washington D.C. has put a surcharge on soda and the proceeds fund school gardening. We garnered so many great ideas and information over the past week, so now we process, plan and implement for Arkansas.

We got to Arlington in time to visit a bit before heading out to a great meal last night in Ft. Worth. I also walked my sisters garden and she has quite a few plants that love the heat, including esperanza which for her is a perennial in its 4th or 5th year. esperanza.july12 (2) and gardenia.july12.15. Her gardenia I gave her is blooming for the second time and her mums were already flowering. arlington.july13.15 (2) We had an early breakfast and were on the road heading home by 8 a.m. this morning. arlington.july13.15 (1) It was a nice visit, but brief!
We did make a nursery stop on the way home and did find some tropicals (on sale) and a few of the annuals I have been looking for.
jatropha.july15 (1)

vinca purple.july15. I dropped Julie off and was home by 2. Clay and Katie have done a great job watering, but I unloaded and harvested some veggies (which they had not) and watered some more. Boy was it hot! No breeze today.

As I walked the garden, the clethra was blooming and smelling sweet clethra july12.15 (1)

clethra july12.15 (2) and the panicle hydrangeas are really blooming nicely. panicale hydrangea july13.15.6

I noticed that some of my hydrangeas looked like something had eaten the tops off. hydrangeas chewed.deer.july12.15.2

hydrangeas chewed.deer.july12.15.3 Sure looked like deer, but we have lived here 15 years and have never had a deer in the yard–saw one last year walking down the road, but it was rare. So I started looking and I do think deer have been to my yard! deer track.july15 (1) Sure looks like a deer track to me. Thankfully, they only nipped a few hydrangeas, and have not seen the vegetable garden or anything else. Fingers are crossed this is an anomaly.

Tonight I roasted a bunch of the tomatoes that I harvested with garlic and used them to make homemade pizzas. pizza with homemade sauce.july15.

Tomorrow morning I head to Garvan Gardens for our heirloom plant seminar.

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  1. Martha Coop permalink
    July 12, 2015 9:52 pm

    Good luck in processing, planning and implementing for school gardens in Arkansas, Janet!!

    When our grandson was in first grade his teacher wrote a grant to put in a garden. The experience changed his life. The teacher used the garden to great advantage for reading, writing, math, and science. That experience taught him more than any test could EVER measure!

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