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Saturday MG completion

July 18, 2015

Today was the official last day for the 60 MG trainees from 10 counties across Arkansas. A great big thank you goes to Jane and Glenda for spearheading the training and setting up and managing the class every week. glenda and jane sat.july18.15 Although we were fortunate to have various counties host each week, these two did yeoman’s duty and I appreciate them!

Today the training was hosted by the Pulaski County Master Gardeners and they had great food and decorations all day long, along with assisting with registration, passing out materials and set up and clean up. mg sat training.july18.151

mg sat training.july18.155

Sat mg training pul volunteers One trainee said she thought maybe they had signed up just for the hospitality of each week’s hosts. Thanks to all for helping make this a great event–Faulkner county twice, White county and County 76 in addition to Pulaski today.

Today’s classes focused on ornamentals and Pulaski agent Randy and I alternated on topics all day. mg sat training.july18.152 The final task was the final test, and I have never seen such concentration and determination on the students to take the test. We used the Faulkner county final test this year, and I suppose it was a bit harder than then one I have normally given. Some were there over 1 1/2 hours taking the test! mg sat training.july18.156

mg sat training.july18.157

mg sat training.july18.158 This group of volunteers took the training seriously and asked many good questions, and were attentive from start to finish. I was very impressed.

I pulled into the driveway about 6 p.m. and was amazed by my yard.mulching july18.15.1mulching july18.15.4

mulching july18.15.5 While I was away at training all day, my children surprised me by spreading an additional 17 bags of mulch in the yard and tidying things up! And without my asking for help!! Kyle went and picked them up and together they opened and spread them. I am blessed.

Tonight I finished off the busy day with an excellent meal with great friends. We went to Terry’s in the Heights and it was a fitting end to a very busy day.

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