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Hot TV taping

July 20, 2015

We started an early morning trying to beat the heat to tape our monthly TV spots at Garvan Gardens. I think beating the heat was a bit of wishful thinking, since it was hot and humid and we were all sweating. We had some local children to help tape some spots in the children’s garden. garvan july20.15 (6)garvan july20.15 (8) We also did a clip on watering,garvan july20.15 (3) lawn care and fairy gardens. fairy garden garvan.july15 (1)fairy garden garvan.july15 (5)

fairy garden garvan.july15 (4)

fairy garden garvan.july15 (3) Fairy gardens continue to gain in popularity and this one at Garvan continues to grow each season.

In addition to plants, we saw some lizards lizard.july15 (1) and tree frogs. tree frog.garvan.15

Mystery plants:

Mystery plant A – mystery plant a.july13.15. is the red ruellia or Brazilian petunia. Ruellia elegans (roo-EL-ee-uh ELL-eh-ganz) is not as aggressive as the purple flowering ruellia – or Mexican petunia (Ruellia brittoniana). The red ruellia is very attractive to hummingbirds, but is less hardy than the Mexican petunia, but it has overwintered in my yard now three years.

Mystery plant B – mystery plant b.july13.15.1 is another member of the acanthus family – Anisacanthus quadrifidus, (uh-niss-uh-KAN-thus kwad-RIF-ee-dus) commonly called flame acanthus or Texas firecracker plant. I was told it was an annual, but in Texas it is a very heat-tolerant perennial with bright orange blooms.

Mystery plant C – mystery plant c.july.13 (2) is commonly called Texas sage – Leucophyllum frutescens – (loo-koh-FIL-um
froo-TESS-enz) is a silver foliaged shrub with purple blooms. It is very heat tolerant and grows best in full sun. It was hardy prior to the past two year cold winters.

New Challenges:

Mystery plant A – mystery plant a july20.15 (1)

mystery plant a july20.15 (2) is a summer annual.

Mystery plant B –mystery plant bjuly20.15 (1)

mystery plant bjuly20.15 (2) is a summer tropical.

Mystery plant C – mystery plant c.july20.15 (2) is a bulb.

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