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A late bloomer!

July 23, 2015

Ok, so it is getting near the end of July and today I finally planted all the pots on my deck.conatiner july22.15.

night blooming jasmine.july23.15.2 What can I say, but I am a bit of a late bloomer this year! I have had one pot planted, petunias july.15.but the rest had plants to go in them, just not the time nor the soil to plant them. So yesterday I got caught up at the office and am now taking a few days off to “rest and relax”!

Although the temperatures were a bit milder today, the humidity was awful. Just going from my car to the store had my sunglasses fog up. I had my strong son with me to load bags and bricks, and he went off to look at something as I headed to the check out. The guy at the register was in awe since he thought I had lifted all the huge, heavy bags myself. He said, “Mam, did you lift those by yourself?!” I should have said yes and really impressed him, but I laughed and told him my son had done it–and he walked up about then as well.

When it is just me, I buy the small bags that I can handle, but today we bought the giant ones. The new planter that the Saline County MGs gave me is now gracing my deck with a fig tree in honor of dad. It looks great. fig planter july.15.1

fig planter july.15.2 And Randy, don’t you just LOVE the color?! Julie and I found some great deals on tropical plants heading home from Texas last week, so I bought 3 tropical hibiscus with no open blooms thinking they were all apricot color like the tag, but I have a bright yellow,tropical hibiscus july23.15.1 a bright pink and an orange! They are not getting planted in the same pot. The night blooming jasmine has been limping along in a small pot and now it got upgraded as well. It has been blooming nicely for a few weeks now. night blooming jasmine.july23.15.1 The other sweet-smelling plant on the deck right now is my hosta. hosta july23.15. I think we often forget about the blooms.

I added some fresh soil to the old pots and added fertilizer, and after I planted I watered everything. The dogs were trying to help, and I noticed one eating the leaves off the lower branches and another was eating some of the fresh soil out of the pots!

I also pulled a few weeds, deadheaded, my yard july24.15cleaned out the water garden and by then I looked like I had been swimming. It felt good to go inside and luckily I had electricians coming at 1, which gave me another excuse to stay inside.

Now it is raining, which is a great way to finish watering everything in and help clean off the deck! What a fitting end to my gardening day.

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