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It is hot and getting hotter!

July 24, 2015

It is days like today (and what is predicted this weekend) that I am grateful that I have a mostly inside job. My second day off was spent outside for half the day. I hit it early. I was outside a little before 8 and got a lot done before the temperatures really heated up, but it was already humid early and it just got worse. I cannot get over how fast the weeds are growing. That awful chambers bitters is everywhere. chambers bitters july 26.. I pulled weeds and weed wacked as many as possible, but more will follow. I seem to have more crabgrass this year as well–my mother used to call it water grass, so maybe the extra rain aided it. Large Crabgrass 1 The problem with this other annual weed is that even when you cut it back, it bounces back quickly and has large seed heads, which you really want to prevent scattering more seeds for next year. I weeded, I deadheaded and I pruned. I took back about 1/3 of the lower limbs on my large loropetalum my yard apr26.15.1 I will add an after picture tomorrow. I was too pooped to go back outside and take pictures after I got cleaned up–I also didn’t want to start sweating all over again!

As I travel the state I hear horror stories about animals in the garden, and I have been sympathetic, but never really had any issues. Even our squirrels are well-behaved and have left my garden alone. Last week I saw signs of deer in my yard for the first time ever, and today, one of my hostas has been nipped to the ground. hosta deer I guess I will need to set up the nature camera to get some photos like these I found on the web: deer+77+3 Then to add insult to injury, the newly planted fig tree had birds eating the figs, and we found a mouse in the garage and a raccoon on the deck last night. We are turning into animal planet!

I finally called it quits at a little after noon, and turned the sprinklers on and went inside. I did eat my favorite lunch the salad caprese with fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden with fresh mozzarella. caprese salad. Then I spent the rest of the day doing grocery shopping and laundry–but they were all in air-conditioning!! If you are working outside, drink plenty of fluids and take breaks—and also, start early. And don’t forget to water, especially container plants dry out so quickly. I got about 1/4 of an inch of rain yesterday but things were already pretty dry later this afternoon.

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