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A relaxed Saturday

July 25, 2015

It was the first Saturday I have had at home in months, so I decided to hit some farmers markets. I love to go to farmers markets, and try to do even when I am traveling. I started out at the River Market. This market is the oldest in the state, and today it is way more than vegetables–there were crafts, prepared goods, hummus and cheese in addition to fruits and vegetables, but not everything is home grown. You can kind of tell when there are asparagus in July, or pineapple which we don’t grow, but there are still plenty of local fare to choose from. farmers market LR.july25.15 (1) The Pulaski County Master Gardeners farmers market LR.july25.15 (2)go monthly to answer questions and even give away some plants. This is a great service, even on a really hot Saturday. I bought some produce, some local Kent Walker cheese and some locally made hummus and decided to make one more stop. I drove over to Argenta, which is much smaller, but all locally produced. farmers market argenta.july (1)

farmers market argenta.july (2) I got peaches and nectarines, some local cheese, corn and some green tomatoes. I have waited too long for mine to ripen at home, so I would not eat them green, so I bought them. Tonight we had fried green tomatoes and they were divine. fried green tomatoes2 (2)fried green tomatoes1. I am digressing I know, but if you haven’t tried the chipolte mayonnaise, you don’t know what you are missing. We had this along with grilled fig balsamic glazed peaches and nectarines from the marketpeaches marinated.july and grilled Korean barbecue sauce marinated turkey cutlets. I have to say it was pretty tasty!

If you haven’t been to a local market–go. Our farmers work hard to produce quality products for us, and they are outside in this heat all the time, and sitting at the markets waiting to sell. When I was buying the peaches in Argenta, the grower had stepped away from his booth for a bit, so another grower stepped in to take our money and serve us. They all band together. There is nothing like fresh produce–it does taste so much better.

I guess I had not driven downtown lately, but both sides of the river had great planters. LR is replacing the trees they took out and they have Equisetum and cardinal flower lobelia planted. downtown LR July25.15 The beds in downtown Argenta are planted and maintained by Pulaski County MGs and they look great. argenta july15 (2)

I was blessed with a tenth of an inch of rain tonight right before I turned on the grill. It cooled the temperatures but really raised the humidity. After dinner I went out to get some pictures, and it took forever for my lens not to cloud up. front garden july.15 (1)

front garden july.15 (2)

loropetalum pruned. july.15. This is my hosta that was eaten by the deerhosta eaten by deer. july24.15. and the hydrangea is already bouncing back–hopefully they will go elsewhere. hydrangea eaten by deer bouncind back. july.15. The new David Austin rose is reblooming and has lovely flowers rose david austin.july15 (2)

rose david austin.july15 (3) and the Encore azaleas are putting on a show azalea encore, july25 (2) along with my dwarf crape myrtle which is about three feet across and twelve inches tall. crape myrtle dwarf red july.25.15.
I picked my first Cherokee purple tomato and it has cracked pretty bad with all the moisture changes. tomato split.july15It will still taste good once I cut away the damage. More are coming on, and so far, they don’t have any cracks so am keeping my fingers crossed.

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