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meeting to meeting to meeting!

July 28, 2015

Today was a day of meetings. I had some stops in south Arkansas, and was able to drop in on the MG of the Deltas monthly meeting in Monticello. mg of the delta.july (1)

mg of the delta.july (2)

mg of the delta.july (4). This small but mighty group of 5 counties hosted our state conference a few years back in Monticello. It was great to see and hear about what they are doing. Then I had to head back to the office for the final run-through of the new money management guidelines for volunteers. I basically walked in from the parking lot into the meeting. money management runthrough.15 (2) I think we have it down, but I will miss the first few days of training which occur next week, since I will be in New Orleans at the American Society for Horticultural Science meetings.
I left that meeting and went to the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show board meeting. I missed most of the monthly meeting, but did get to sit in on the after-meeting of the special event committee. Definitely a full day of meetings!

My lotus had its second bloom of the season. lotus july26 (3) Did you know the lotus plant is edible? Nelumbo nucifera is the Latin name but the plant is commonly called sacred lotus in reference to the sacred and symbolic status the flower holds in Buddhism and Hinduism. It is native to Asia and Australia. It is a large-flowered plant that typically grows 3-6’ tall in shallow water and spreads by thickened rhizomes rooted in the mud. The large flowers can be white or pink and typically open and close for about three days. The flowers are followed by nut-like fruits that are in a seed pod that many use in dried flower arrangements. lotus july26 (1)

lotus july26 (2) The rhizomes, leaves and seeds of lotus are edible and are sometimes used in Asian cooking. Have any of you ever eaten any parts? I have not.

It was another hot day–but try to stay cool and work outside early if you can–and WATER!

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