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Another HOT day!

July 29, 2015

I spent the bulk of the day at the office, writing and planning. I also visited with a horticulture student who will be a senior at the UA this year. She is considering a career in Extension, and I hope I guided her in the right way. I have been blessed with a fabulous career and a job I have loved from the day I started. If I can help guide another individual to choose something they are passionate for, all he better.

I also got a question today, that was unique. I had a grower in the New Mexico/Texas area who had 2100 ACRES of rosemary. They were harvesting two times a yea, and asking me for a fertilizer regime. I am working on one, but don’t have a definitive answer. I asked him to send me a picture, and he sent two: rosemary field.july.15.

rosemary.tx.july15. they are growing the rosemary for oil, and harvest twice a year. I am impressed! He invited me to come visit, and I think it would be worth a trip!

I also am working on the 2015 MG Appreciation day at Garvan Gardens– September 10. It will be our last one at the gardens for a while, and they are doing it up right. I love the design for the t-shirt. mg day at Garvan.2015 To order a shirt, go to:
Details will go out to Master Gardeners tomorrow–but just remember the date, and if you wear our name badge, yu get in free that day. Lots of cool things are planned, so plan to come!

The actual thermometer said 103 but the heat index said 115 but however you say it, it was a HOT day! We were supposed to get a cold front passing through with the potential for rain, but so far haven’t seen that. Although the sprinkler system ran, I did do a bit more watering when I got home tonight. Hardy hibiscus love this heat, but do like water. There are varieties that can grow 10 feet tall, and then newer ones that stay compact. There are also green leafed and purpled leafed varieties–this new one has pink flowers to accompany their purphardy hibiscus july29.153le leaves.
hardy hibisucs buds.july29.15.
Stay cool!

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