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Planning for 2017 and friends

July 30, 2015

I hope you all walked outside this morning. Even though we didn’t get the promised rain, we have a break in the weather and humidity was low and the temps were delightful this morning. It would have been a great day to work in the yard, but I had too much to do at the office. We are frantically trying to cross off all our to-do lists before we leave town again. Julie and I head to New Orleans Monday morning for a week-long conference. I left the office to go to the Pulaski County office to meet with the new committee chairs for the 2017 MG Conference which will be held in Little Rock. The are an organized bunch and they asked a lot of good questions. They have two months to come up with their budget requests. pulaski county planning july.15.1

pulaski county planning july.15.2

Then it was back to the office to finish up things. We are trying to get the information out about the MG Day at Garvan September 10, but we have been having some computer problems. Hopefully it will be out tomorrow. I also worked on finalizing travel plans for the IMGC in September. We are planning on going to Powell Garden on our way up and I am trying to organize with those who may be driving on their own.

I ended up leaving the office later than planned, since I had a dinner party at home tonight. We have a friend in from out-of-town so we invited others to join us. I cooked his favorite meal of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans and fried okra. Not exactly heart healthy, but it is what he asked for. Katie said she thought we had used every tool in the kitchen before it was over. It turned out well and the kitchen is even back to normal already, and they just left.dinner party.july.15.1

I did have a chance to check the garden earlier, and I am excited that we have four little watermelons coming on. watermelon july29.152

watermelon july29.153They were about the size of a marble on Sunday and I am amazed at how quickly they are growing.

I also have quite a few more Cherokee purple tomatoes that should be ready soon. I only hope they ripen before Monday or wait until after next Friday, so I can enjoy them. tomatoes.july29.151

tomatoes.july29.152 Unbelievably my family doesn’t like fresh tomatoes!!

One more day to get things done tomorrow, so we have a lot to get accomplished.

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