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Retail Therapy

August 1, 2015

Today I had a whole host of errands to run. Supplies for the house, groceries, banking, you name it–it was on the list. And it was a bonus that this weekend is the Arkansas Sales Tax Holiday–you don’t pay sales tax on most goods if they are less than $100 per item! I figured the stores would be packed, so I hit it early. Target had a light turn-out, but I guess folks were sleeping in, because traffic was light too. I made my rounds and was home before lunch. I did some yard work and household tasks, and decided since there were so few crowds early this morning, I would hit the mall late in the afternoon. It looked like Christmas shopping. You had to drive around to find a parking spot, and the stores were PACKED. Katie and I got some great bargains, and didn’t pay tax, but decided to call it quits by 6 p.m. Shopping-3 If you didn’t shop today, you have all day tomorrow to shop tax-free, but I recommend going early!

The weather has definitely cooled off from earlier in the week, but yards and gardens are drier than they have been all summer. The lower humidity may also be a factor. I am having to fill up the water garden almost daily,water garden may10.15.2 and I have noticed swimming pools needing added water and gardens with sprinkler systems still seem a bit stressed. Don’t forget to water. I am out every morning watering the pots before I leave for the day, and the plants need it. If you don’t have an automatic system, get a good sprinkler and let it run for a while for your landscaped areas and vegetable gardens. Light daily watering doesn’t help a lot except for containers. sprinklers garden writer trade show day 2. aug.14.016

I also have to share a t-shirt idea that was sent to me from MG Lori – gardening tshirt. Cute, huh!

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  1. Deborah Thompson permalink
    August 2, 2015 8:51 pm

    Love the T ! Was it made just for you or is a group selling them?

    • uamg permalink
      August 3, 2015 7:28 am

      No, someone saw it on the internet I think and shared with me.

  2. Ronald Formby permalink
    August 3, 2015 7:23 am

    you can find unsweeten tea t WAL-MART

    • uamg permalink
      August 3, 2015 7:28 am

      Not at mine, except for in the big jugs. I did find some at Target this weekend.

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