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Getting ready

August 2, 2015

Whenever I am planning to leave on a trip, there are a whole litany of things that must be done before I ever step foot in the car to leave. Today has been a whirlwind of activity. Laundry is done, bags are mostly packed, but a few things have to be done. The house is clean. I have watered all day. This is the first time this year I have had to water the side yard that doesn’t have sprinkler coverage, so I have watered everything extra. I have walked the yard with my daughter to show her what needs extra water and to harvest things. I picked every vegetable that I thought I could today.veg harvest aug2.15.2 I also tried to use up as many fresh vegetables as possible this weekend, since the family won’t cook with them while I am gone. I did get one more ripe Cherokee purple, but decided to harvest three green ones that I thought would turn while I was gone for more fried green tomatoes. veg harvest aug2.15.5 I am getting loads of peppers,veg harvest aug2.15.4 so tonight we had fajitas with grilled peppers, onions, corn I bought last week, and then fried green tomatoes.fajitas aug2.15.1 If you like sweet corn, I hope you have a corn scraper. It is the best tool to get the corn off the cob in record time. fajitas aug2.15.6

Earlier I also checked sprinkler heads. I had two that weren’t popping up well, and I found one that was shooting a geyser. sprinkler system dads (1)

sprinkler system dads (2) If you have an automatic sprinkler system, you need to turn it on periodically and make sure all the heads are operating properly. I also deadheaded perennials, pulled weeds and checked everything in the garden.

Here are the answers to the mystery plants for the week. I will send new challenges from New Orleans.

Mystery plant A –mystery plant a.july27.15 was a stumper for everyone! It is Blue Waterleaf – Hydrolea ovata. Blue waterleaf tends to form large colonies around the edge of lakes, ponds, and streams, and may stand in water for weeks without apparent damage. In Carl Hunter’s book the flower looks a little more purple rather than blue, but the flower color can vary.

Mystery plant B – mystery plant b.july27.14 is Ixora (iks-OR-uh) is a tropical plant that normally has orange flowers, but can come in yellow and red. It blooms all summer in full sun, but is not winter hardy.

Mystery plant C – 2014 Scotland 059 NH UnidentifiedPlant was sent to me to identify from our Scotland trip. I think it is Clary Sage – Salvia sclarea. (SAL-vee-uh SKLAR-ee-uh) It is a perennial for full sun to partial shade.

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