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We are home!

August 7, 2015

This morning we started early with a wonderful breakfast across the street from our hotel. The name of the restaurant was The Ruby Slipper and here is why:
ruby slipper We were there early and got a table immediately, and they had some interesting offerings. ruby slipper menu.

new orleans stuff. 01

new orleans stuff. 02
When we left, there was a huge line waiting to get in. new orleans stuff. 05 We have found that New Orleans is not an early morning kind of place. We were in and out, packed and ready when we went to our last MG/Consumer Hort session. We had some great topics, and I may have to revisit a rewrite of our manual after hearing about what they are doing in NC state. new orleans session. We also heard some excellent discussions on MG needs assessment, new orleans stuff. 06distance education, webinars and what Ohio State is doing about background checks. The last session was about double cropping winter vegetables in warm season lawns. Kind of unique.
Then it was a mad dash to see who could check out the fastest. We had ordered our car and a porter, but both were a tad late. We finally left the hotel about 12:15 and then had to sit in traffic for an hour because of a wreck on the interstate before finally leaving New Orleans.traffic leaving New Orleans.
But since we did not have enough seafood to eat while in New Orleans(LOL) we stopped in Metarie and bought some to bring back. It was an easy drive home and I have unloaded, unpacked and put my shrimp on ice. new orleans stuff. 11 Since the family didn’t get to come, I brought a taste of New Orleans home–shrimp, crab, crawfish and beignet mix. new orleans stuff. 09 So I guess I will be cooking New Orleans style this weekend.

It was a very productive trip, and it reopened my love of New Orleans–I had not been back since Katrina. We had some great educational sessions, and we had a lot of time with our counterparts from other states to bounce about ideas and share information. We saw some good gardens and interesting plants and we also ate some great food. Surprisingly the weather was milder there than in Arkansas. When we stopped in Lake Village tonight it was awfully hot and humid. I have been told the forecast is for 100 plus all weekend and early next week!

I also discovered tonight when I got home that our office email is down–I checked it when I stopped for gas late this afternoon and it was fine, but I have received no new ones since 5 p.m. on my phone or iPad, and I can’t even access it on the home computer. Our office is switching over to a new system on Monday, but I don’t think we were supposed to be down this weekend–I hope not, but if you have emailed me, I don’t have it right now. I am pretty much addicted to email, so I am not sure how I will handle it! I will keep you posted!

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