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Financial Training & I still thought it was hot today!

August 11, 2015

Most county agents would rather attend a class on a subject such as livestock, row crops, horticulture, food and nutrition, etc. over money management, but financial responsibility and the guidelines that address it are important. So a mandated training for all county agents and the lead secretary is ongoing across the state to cover the new financial guidelines for Master Gardener groups and 4-H Clubs. Four sessions were held last week, one today in Stuttgart,financial training stuttgart.15.1 two tomorrow in Hope and 2 in Mt. Home on Thursday, plus 2 in Jonesboro and 2 in Hot Springs next week. By repeating sessions and holding them across the state, we can keep class size relatively small and make sure they have time to ask questions. The final segment breaks them into teams and a jeopardy like game is used to reinforce the material, and give a little levity to the sessions. financial training stuttgart.15.3
The session went well. I will cover the material at PNG leadership for MG volunteers and if needed, additional state training for volunteers will occur down the road.

After our morning session I drove to Jacksonville to look at a church landscape with some overgrown shrubs, and some issues. I think we have them sorted out on a game plan, but not a lot to do now because it is just too hot–for man and plants!jax meth church.15.1

jax meth church.15.2 Severe pruning is best done in late February to early March. Heavy pruning now would look ugly and put the plants under even more stress than they are in from these extremely dry conditions. If we do get a break in the weather and the plants start putting on new growth it may not have a chance to harden off before winter, so hold off on heavy pruning (more than 1/3) until winter is over. Winter–doesn’t that sound appealing?

On my way out of Jacksonville, I had to detour for construction which threw me by the Jacksonville city hall complex. This Master Gardener project looks impressive. I drove through to admire their handiwork. jax city hall.aug15.1

jax city hall.aug15.3Our Arkansas Master Gardeners do some amazing work, don’t they? They are beautifying our state all over the state.

It wasn’t overly hot this morning, but I thought it was still pretty miserable late this afternoon. I came home after work and watered. My overall yard is looking good with the sprinkler system running, but the side yard that doesn’t get coverage was parched. I keep looking at neighbors yards and they are getting browner and browner by the day. This is the driest weather we have had all year, so water if you can. Between my water bill which came last week, and my electric bill that came today–I know it has been a hot, dry period.

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