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Money and cooler?

August 13, 2015

Money management and guidelines was the talk of the day, and the group asked lots of pertinent questions. It was a good group in Mt. Home. money training baxter.15.1

money training baxter.15.2 The afternoon session got cancelled so we made it home before dark which allowed me a little time in the garden.

Water is still the buzz word. It actually looked much drier from about Clinton south to Little Rock. You can definitely tell who is watering and who isn’t now. Trees are dropping leaves like crazy in response to drier conditions. Even with water, some leaves are falling. leaves falling1
I also am getting in a lot of leaf samples from folks worrying about what to spray or do for their damaged shade tree leaves. oak leaf damage.aug.15.

oak leaf damage2.gut.

It is too late in the season to worry about leaf damage. There is nothing you can do correct any problems on shade tree foliage this far into the year. Leaves are beginning to shed and shut down. With the erratic weather, leaf spots and galls are on a variety of foliage. Rake the leaves as they fall or mulch them. Water is the only thing you can do now for your trees that would help.

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