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Money, money, money and mystery

August 18, 2015

We awoke early to clear skies and mild temps in Jonesboro, but we were inside all day so the weather didn’t matter much. money management training aug18.151 We had two full classes of agents and support staff in Jonesboro discussing the new financial guidelines. money management training aug18.152

money management training aug18.153

money management training aug18.155

money management training aug18.156

money management training aug18.157

money management training aug18.158

money management training aug18.159 Tomorrow are our last two for the staff in Hot Springs.

As we were driving home tonight we went through some torrential rain around Cabot, with high winds and lightening, but as we left Cabot, not a drop of rain had fallen and that was the scenario at home. We need some rain!!

Here are the answers to your mystery plants and your new challenge.

Mystery plant A – mystery plant a aug10.152 is Ipomea carnea (ip-oh-MEE-a KAR-nee-uh) or the bush morning glory. Although normally winter hardy in south Arkansas, it can usually come back if temps don’t drop much below 15 degrees, I would suggest taking some stem cuttings prior to a hard frost to ensure you still have a plant the next year. This plant can grow similar in size to a confederate rose–up to 6-12 feet tall in one season, but it does bloom a bit longer. Give it full sun and it is an easy plant to grow.

Mystery plant B – mystery plant b aug10.152 is Galphimia gracilis (gal-FIM-ee-uh GRASS-il-is) commonly called Thryallis or golden thryallis is an evergreen shrub in Florida, but would be a summer tropical in Arkansas.

Mystery plant C – mystery plant c aug10.152 is Osmoxylon lineare (os-moh-ZY-lon lin-AIR-ee), commonly called Miagos bush is an interesting tropical or houseplant for us. Not commonly found, it is a rare tropical ornamental miniature tree valuable for its exotic fine-cut leaves.

New challenges:

Mystery plant A – IMG_1641 is a perennial.

Mystery plant B – mystery plant b.aug17.15 is another perennial.

Mystery plant C mystery plant coosheen garden ireland.1

mystery plant coosheen garden ireland.2 a challenge from our past trip to Ireland. good luck!!

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