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Carroll County

August 20, 2015

it was a gorgeous day to drive north and tour gardens. It was 73 when I arrived in Berryville and the temp did not get much above 80 all day. We ate lunch outside and then toured potential gardens and we didn’t even remotely get warm.  

We saw some lovely gardens and the homes were pretty amazing too! I also saw some fabulous art made by the artiist and home owner. He designed his house which was like a work of art on its own. 

Native Carroll county resident Jennifer knew the back roads and I saw parts of Carroll county I had never seen before. 

We did see one of the MG projects and deer were everywhere.  




 Then tonight we met at co-chair Karen’s house for a lovely meeting and dinner.we got a lot accomplished.  


 I also got to tour her garden which was wonderful. I love this interesting purslane she was growing. 





 I didn’t bring Julie this time, since she had a doctors visit. It was a good visit and I am excited to announce that a new horticulture baby will be arriving in January. Julie and her husband are expecting their first child together January 2016!

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