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Ft. Smith to Fayetteville and a little gardening

August 26, 2015

I had a few hours this morning at home before I had to leave for Ft. Smith, so I got out in the garden at 7:15. The weather was delightful. I pulled out a few tired plants and planted some broccoli 

And renovated my herb garden, planting some parsley and cilantro and thinning out mint and oregano. I think oregano is as agressive as mint! 


 I also pruned and tied up the tomato plants and weeded. The garden is looking good with this milder temp and moisture. 


 and the garlic chives is about to pop into bloom.

  I still have blooms on the hardy hibiscus and harlequin plant and butterfly bush and hydrangea.




  It was too short, but then it was off to Ft. Smith to meet with the 2018 committee for the MG conference. This is the most lead time we have ever had. 

After a productive meeting, I drove to Fayetteville where I have a program tomorrow.  

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