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A productive Saturday

August 29, 2015

I ran errands for a good part of the day, and did do a little scouting for vegetable transplants. I have found broccoli and cabbage, Swiss chard and some repeat summer vegetables, including tomatoes and peppers, but I only bought one tomato plant and one cucumber. I am ready to move on to fall veggies. I did order on-line this morning garlic xian garlic–I purchased early Chinatown Xian Early and French Grey Shallots,shallots so I will hopefully plant those next weekend if they come in. I bought another 15 bags of mulch and got most of them distributed. I did have a few raindrops this afternoon, but it stopped almost as fast as it started.

I keep looking for signs of caterpillars, but so far, I haven’t found any. I did hear from Mike and Jodie today and they found 8 monarch caterpillars in their garden on the milkweed in Fayetteville, so there is still hope!monarch cat fay.1ug29.

monarch caterpillars fay.aug29.15

Then this afternoon a group of us went to Ferndale for a Pampered Chef party. To say I don’t need any more kitchen gadgets is an understatement, but when has that stopped me! I do love Pampered Chef stuff. This party was different than most. Instead of watching a demonstration, we all got to use the tools and help prepare the meal. pampered chef.aug15 (3)

pampered chef.aug15 (4)It was fun and tasty. One in particular was quite clever. You put your grapes, tomatoes, olives, etc in side, and then slice through, so you cut them all at once! Some of us were better than others at this!pampered chef.aug15 (7)pampered chef.aug15 (1)

We had a fun time and a good visit with plenty of laughter! Tomorrow I plan to seed some fall veggies. I have carrots and lettuce to try. I bought some funky radishes last spring, and I need to see if I can find those to plant as well. They say we are supposed to have some rain, so let’s hope.

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