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Labor Day Weekend

September 6, 2015

It has been nice to have a three-day weekend. I have gotten the house clean and errands run, and had a labor day party tonight, labor day party.15.1

labor day party.15.5 went swimming yesterday and had a barbecue, and I have a whole day left! I have also been watering, and noticed tonight as I was picking peppers for a friend, that I have some lettuce coming up. I haven’t seen the carrots yet, but I haven’t had much time to look. It was getting too dark to take pictures, so will have to do so tomorrow.

Clay also switched out my new weather station. weather station. I am giving the old one to the office to monitor weather there and compare. This one is computerized and I can keep up with everything online–here is the link to the site:
This is what my site shows on-line: Screenshot 2015-09-06 21.53.38 I haven’t set up a webcam–but what a thought!
The program has apps for the iPad and iPhone so I can know the day-to-day weather at my house when I am on the road! Then I can call and ask them to water!! Won’t they be excited. This is pretty neat.

And speaking of neat tools– I was introduced to the car cane in Pine Bluff. Have you heard of it? I had not. This is a tool, similar to one I keep in my car in case of an accident to help break out the window (it does that too), but it can fit into the latch near your door and give you more mobility. car cane jeff.1

car cane jeff.2

car cane It even has a flashlight built-in, it has a tool that allows you to cut through your seat belt all in one neat package. Clever huh!

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  1. Martha Coop permalink
    September 7, 2015 12:21 pm

    I have Eastern Giant Swallowtail cats on a wafer ash and Monarch caterpillars. But I am bewildered that they are disappearing. I have read that as high as 90% do not make it due to predators. I know birds eat them, and I have seen assisin bugs and praying manti and beneficial wasps on the milkweed plants. But in past years, I have observed that there were all sizes of caterpillars growing off. Now they seem to either disappear within a few days or be shriveled on the leaf and dead. I am wondering if for some reason they are simply failing to thrive? We only found one Monarch caterpillar out of more than 30 that were on the milkweed Friday. (That’s a higher percentage of loss than the 90% i’ve read about in natural situations.) We were out of town over the weekend so didn’t get to monitor day by day. We are pesticide/herbicide free. I’m wondering if anyone else has observed a similar loss of caterpillars.

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