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Preparing and mistakes

September 8, 2015

Today was a day of organization, planning and writing. I finally released the information statewide to MGs about the 2017 Vietnam trip and the 2018 Rhine adventure. We have been working for over a week looking at the website, the links and nitpicking everything, and missed the fact that I had written 2016 and not 2017 for Vietnam! As soon as I sent it, I got some emails saying are you sure?! I was truly testing you to see if you read our emails! Prizes go to Joyce and Jean Ann for being the first to spot this. Maybe I should use them as proof-readers?

So in case you haven’t seen the correction–we have opened up the horticulture study trips which will be river cruises in Vietnam in January 2017 and the Rhine in August 2018. You can put down $250 to hold a room and pay monthly or as you want. This makes the trips much more affordable. Vietnam is going to be one of the more unique trips we have done. vietnam1 It is a long flight, but not as bad as Australia–ok,maybe close, but I think it will be a wonderful learning experience.

We are working on private garden tours in both Vietnam and on the Rhine trip. If you need more information, let me know.

We also worked on moving more items from our offices to the storage building. storage sept.15 (1)

storage sept.15 (3)

storage sept.15 (2) We keep dumping boxes in our offices after events, and you could hardy walk in Julie’s. So I brought help today and we got stuff moved out. You can’t even see Julie and barely can see Katie in the midst of all our stuff! We did bring out a few items to take to MG Day at Garvan which is Thursday. We got the 2016 MG calendars today and they look amazing! Don’t forget, all agents and MGs who come on Thursday to Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs get one for free, plus get free admittance, and will be the first to see whose pictures made it in! You don’t want to miss out. Additional copies can be purchased for $1. Hope to see you all in Hot Springs. Don’t forget to wear your MG nametag or bring a copy of your membership card.

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