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A busy Friday and Izard County

September 11, 2015

this morning I tried to catch up on emails from yesterday and had a photo shoot at the Art Center on crape myrtle scale. I am writing a story for the newspaper for next weekend. Then I packed up and headed north to Izard County. When I got to the Izard County Consolidated school in Brockwell, the Izard County Master Gardeners were hard at work setting up for the gardening seminar which begins at 9:00 am tomorrow. Registration begins at 8:30. After setting up we left for dinner and I left my camera at the school, so no pictures today, except for some Phyllis took tonight. 

After dinner I came home to the Smiths home and got to meet their new dog who is so sweet. Then Steve taught me to fly a plane. 


So Master Gardeners don’t need to worry now when we fly, if something happens, I know what to do! Steve has this incredible flight simulator and I flew over Little Rock. It was great fun, and I flew fairly well, but I must say a bit nervewracking trying to land. My hands were sweating! Did I say I crash-landed?!

If you are near Izard County, come join us in the morning. I am talking on perennials, and they have a full line-up of speakers, great door prizes, vendors and of course, food!

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