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Energy and mystery plants

September 14, 2015

We are always busy in my job, but for some reason, this year seems to be busier than most, or more travel at least. I have often been called the Energizer Bunny, but today, even I thought I looked tired. I think I need to plug in and recharge! energizer-bunny
My flight was only delayed 20 minutes last night and I was off the plane at 9:30 p.m. and walking into my door in 20 minutes–I do believe a record. It was a great weekend, but today it was back to the office as usual. I was supposed to tape tv but the schedule changed over the weekend, so I had a whole day at the office. I wrote columns, did powerpoints, got organized and ready for the rest of the week. We had a great family meal tonight outside on the deck–the weather is DELIGHTFUL. I did water and clean out the water garden tonight, but I think an early bedtime is in order. Tomorrow morning I head to Carroll County (Eureka Springs) for a planning session.

Here are your mystery plant answers and new challenge:

Mystery plant A – mystery plant a.sept7.15 is the annual purslane – Portulaca oleracea (por-tew-LAK-uh awl-lur-RAY-see-uh). The fleshy leaves on this plant make it a drought tolerant choice. It does best in full sun to partial shade. The flowers come in a wide array of colors from oranges, pinks, reds, whites and yellows. The flowers close at night and open in the morning. In some parts of the world it is an edible plant, but we grow it as an ornamental.

Mystery plant B – mystery plant b sept7.15 is toad lily or Tricyrtis hirta(try-SER-tis hirta HER-tuh) This shade loving perennial likes a rich, moist site. In good conditions, it can be a bit agressive but provides good color in the late summer/ fall garden. It is poisonous, so deer leave it alone.

Mystery plant C mystery plant c sept7.15 is a sample picture emailed to me by a county agent. I am not 100% positive on what it is, but MY guess was an Autumn Olive – Elaeagnus umbellata. I guessed this because I thought I detected some spotting on the stems like an eleagnus, but it was not a great shot. Others guessed styrax, privet or crape myrtle. I don’t think it is a privet or crape myrtle, but possibly a styrax. Time will tell.

New challenges:

Mystery plant A- mg appreciation day 2015 (56)

mg appreciation day 2015 (57) is a fragrant evergreen shrub.

Mystery plant B- mg appreciation day 2015 (20) is an evergreen groundcover.

Mystery plant C –



is a wildflower blooming now.

Good Luck!

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