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St. Francis County & Fall

October 1, 2015

Was it not a glorious day today?! Not a cloud in the sky and mild temperatures. We slept with the windows open and it was heavenly. It would have been a perfect day to spend outside in the garden, but work called.

Every fall, the St. Francis County Master Gardners have hosted an all day gardening seminar for the public. Each year, it just gets better and better with more and more people. They had a full house today, and I told them they may need a bigger venue if this trend continues. St. Francis county mg seminar.1501

St. Francis county mg seminar.1507 Not only did they have a huge crowd, but they were organized and decorated! St. Francis county mg seminar.1504

St. Francis county mg seminar.1505

St. Francis county mg seminar.1506They made these wonderful labels which adorned the goody bags and the information inside. St. Francis county mg seminar.1509 They had great snacks and lunch as well as a great educational program. It was a great way to showcase the MG program.
Speaking of the MG program, we are promoting the week of October 11 -17 as Arkansas MG Week. Several counties are planning events and look what Craighead County has made to pass out at their farmers market and other venues. mg birthday week magnets.15. These magnets will keep the program in the spotlight. So help us celebrate MG week and recruit some new volunteers.

I did stop in at a few places in Forrest City and Pulaski County on the way home which had pumpkins, vegetables, mums and more. mums.15.


I got home and had to water again. My water garden loses water frequently, and the raised bed vegetables in full sun often wilt too. I also added to the fall display. Each day it just gets a little bit better!
fall decor oc.1.15.1

The harlequin flower clereodendron is opening up its seed pods. It starts out with flowers = clereodendron aug26.15, then the fragrant flowers close up clereodendron oct.1.152 and turn pink. Their final stage is to pop open with hot pink “petals” with a deep blue seed. clereodendron oct.1.151 Stunning! Now if they just didn’t multiply so quickly, they would be even better.

And finally I have some caterpillars in the garden. I still haven’t seen any monarch caterpillars on the milkweed plants which blanket my side yard, but I have seen adults. Today I found several swallowtail caterpillars on the parsley. Hurrah! swallowtail caterpillars.oct1.15.1

swallowtail caterpillars.oct1.15.2

I think they are doing well, in spite of the ever-present wasps that still linger in my yard. wasp.oct1.15.

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