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Santa Fe day 2

October 9, 2015

what a wonderfully full day! We were up and out early, and we found out that Santa Fe is not an early morning rising kind of town. There was no traffic downtown and we saw local vendors setting up.  

I won’t say we had the downtown to ourselves, but there was a tenth the crowd of what there was this afternoon.  

We took off to Ildefonso Pueblo to learn a little more about native American culture. 

We saw a huge cottonwood tree  

 on the pueblo and learned a great bit about how they do their pottery. It is an elaborate procedure. They harvest the clay from the land, hand mix it with sand and water, and roll by hand. They paint with a brush made of yucca and polish the outside with stone. The results were amazing.   

Our last stop at the pueblo was a local craft store featuring all the 22 puebloes in NM. They had some very interesting items for sale. 

 All of the homes and shop had an outdoor oven to make bread in.  

We left and went to a local restaurant that featured savory sopapillas with meat cooked inside and chile sauce on the outside. They were excellent.  


 On our way back to Santa Fe we stopped at the Camel  Rock.  




 The scenery and light is simply amazing! 



 We got back to town and parked our car and walked into town. We went to the Georgia O’keefe museum and watched a great video about her life and saw her art and what inspired her. 



  Tonight we had an excellent meal with stuffed squash blossoms and elk tenderloin. 

It was a great day with spectacular weather. 

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  1. Karen Sherman permalink
    October 10, 2015 4:57 am

    Blue skies abound.

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