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Santa Fe to Albequerque

October 10, 2015

we had another earlymorning, trying to pack as much in as we could. After a tasty breakfast at the hotel, we checked out, packed up and hit the farmers market.  


They had so much to choose from and the vegetables looked was toobad we are flying home tomorrow as it would havebeen great to buy produce, meat,cheese, baked goods and flowers galore. Look at these amazing marigold swags.  

They had beautiful sunflowers and artichoke blossoms.  

 Several vendors were roasting peppers and youcouldhave your pick from mild to hot.  


 They were selling a mix of warm season peppers and tomatoes, but also loads of cool season crops from kale and cauliflower to celeraic and sugar cane.  


 Indoor stalls sold everything from soaps and clothing, to baked goods and fresh sprouts. 

 we did buy a few things before heading downtown to tour the inside of the The St. Francis cathedral. There were lovely statues of St. Francis of Assissi outside.  



 The inside was well maintained.  



 Then we went to the Loretto chapel with a unique spiral staircase with no central support.  



 The downtown crowds were small since we were out early, so we got some shopping in before driving to another section of town. 

 we went to the Sambusco center before heading out of town. 

  The drive to Albequerque, where we catch our plane in the morning was easy. Quite a bit more traffic as it is the last day of the balloon festival. We checked into our hotel and went to Old Town, which was crazy busy, with all kinds of activities.  



 After walking around a bit and eating a late lunch and making a few more purchases, we turned our rental car in and are in for the night. We are pretty pooped. We have gone full speed for three days. We hopeto be able to see some of the balloon fanfare from our room. Now to try to pack up everything and get ready for another early morning. 

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  1. Hilde Simmons permalink
    October 10, 2015 8:15 pm

    Isn’t NM grand. I enjoyed revisiting it with you. You have to go back to visit 2 great botanic gardens. Have a safe flight home.

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