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A full day

October 27, 2015

I thought I had driven most roads in Arkansas, but today I drove some new ones. I started off before sunrise in Clinton, headed north to Mt. Home. I did see some deer, and one crossed in front of me, but I didn’t get close to hitting it. I made it to Mt. Home by 9:15 and spoke until 12:30 teaching their first MG training session of the year. They had a great new class–last year they didn’t make their 20, so they could do the training for 10 this year, but they had over 20, with a diverse mix from Baxter and Marion Counties. baxter co mg training (1)

baxter co mg training (2) Then I was on new roads driving from Baxter County to Woodruff County. I went through Calico Rock, to Mt. View, to Bald Knob and then on to Augusta. It would have been a pretty drive without the rain. I had varying degrees of rain and mist from before sun-up to after sun-down. driving oct15 (1)

driving oct15 (3)

driving oct15 (4) I did see some good fall colors, but it was too muted by mist to get any good photos.

Once I made it to Woodruff county, we had a few places to visit. First I did a consult on the landscaping at the local Farm Bureau building where our meeting was tonight. woodruff county meeting.oct15 (2) It is pretty much a blank slate at this point. Then agent Richard and I went to ArCare child center ar care woodruff county (2)

ar care woodruff county (3) where they are doing some youth gardening. They are new at it, but have made some great first attempts. They still have tomatoes and the kids have potted up mums for sale. They also planted vegetables in their raised beds, and plan to grow vegetables and flowers in their greenhouse as well. ar care woodruff county (1)

ar care woodruff county (4)

ar care woodruff county (5)

ar care woodruff county (8)

ar care woodruff county (9) This project will make a huge impact on the lives of their students.

Then it was back to the Farm Bureau building to work with volunteers from 4 counties on money management issues. After that, the public was invited for a light meal provided by the Farm Bureau staff and women’s group, and a program from me on fall gardening and the MG program. Our hope is to start a MG program in Woodruff county. woodruff county meeting.oct15 (3)

woodruff county meeting.oct15 (4)

woodruff county meeting.oct15 (5) I think Martha Ray came for the candy!woodruff county meeting.oct15 (1)
The rain seemed to have stopped by the time I made it home. Since Friday when it started we have had 2.4 inches of rain at my house. It was a nice slow steady rain,so it definitely helped. Now for a little rest before heading to Eureka Springs in the morning!

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