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A busy and fun day

November 5, 2015

We wrapped up our county 76 retreat this morning and then headed back to the office to have our final County 76 quarterly meeting of the year. We started it off with a surprise baby shower for Julie and I do believe she truly was surprised. We got her the bassinet they wanted for the baby from the whole group, and then many others brought a myriad of baby gifts. A cake and punch rounded out the party which we had with lunch. julie baby shower.nov5 (2)

julie baby shower.nov5 (3)

julie baby shower.nov5 (5)

julie baby shower.nov5 (6)
Then it was on to business. I continue to be in awe at the dedication of our volunteers and the commitment to the program. They are so eager to help and make an already great program even better. The energy and enthusisasm is contagious and the plans they have for 2016 are outstanding! Just wait! county 76 nov (2)

county 76 nov (3)

county 76 nov (4)

county 76 nov (5)

county 76 nov (6)
Next week the applications for all of the state awards will be going out. Please take time to nominate people and projects for these awards—we have so many that are deserving, so take the time to honor them. Award applications will be due back in January 15, so don’t delay.
We had great participation from across the state from Fayetteville to Mena, from Jonesboro to El Dorado and all parts in between. We also inducted 13 new members!! county 76 nov (8)

We cleaned up, loaded cars and everyone was on their way. I had a few more events to go. First, some good friends of mine were showcasing the re-release of the original Memphis beer–Goldcrest. The debut was at Vino’s and they had a great turn out and the beer was really good. goldcrest beer lr debut (1)

goldcrest beer lr debut (5)

goldcrest beer lr debut (4)

goldcrest beer lr debut (3) Right now the only place you can taste it is at Vino’s in downtown LR, but it should have a broader base soon.
Then I met friends at the opening of an event at the MacArthur Museum of Military History.mcarthur museum (2)

mcarthur museum (3) Original World War I propaganda posters are on display. While every nation who participated in WWI used these posters to garner support, the US produced the most of any nation–and they are quite creative. mcarthur museum (4)

mcarthur museum (5)

mcarthur museum (6) By the wars end more than $30 billion had been raised and one in three Americans supported the war efforts. I am not sure how long these will be on display, but they are worth the trip to view. I haven’t been to the museum in years, and it is full of history and quite nice.

Afterwards we had a great dinner with folks from three other states. They are on an Arkansas journey starting in LR and heading northward.
Tomorrow is advanced MG training on bulbs in Hot Springs.

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