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Advanced MG Training Bulbs

November 6, 2015

Today, to a sold out crowd was the last advanced MG training of 2015. The Garland County MGs hosted at the fairgrounds and the room was packed. adv mg trainng bulbs.151

adv mg trainng bulbs.152

adv mg trainng bulbs.153

adv mg trainng bulbs.154 They had a full day of bulb education, beginning with forcing bulbs,bulbs adv training.151 daffodils, underutilized or unusual bulbs, bulbs adv training.152tulips and landscaping with bulbs. Bob Byers came in from Ft. Worth as a speaker and it was good to see him. He is doing well in Ft. Worth. Advanced MG training is one of the most popular programs of County 76. The intent is to host a minimum of 4 advanced trainings for volunteers who have served a minimum of three years. The topics run the gamut and cover a variety of topics and in a variety of locations, but must be at least 6 hours and in-depth training. We have had three in the past month–with plants to attract pollinators last Friday in Benton County and the papercrete and succulents in Cleburne county about a month ago.

It was a gloomy day, but only a sprinkling of rain. The fall color is a mixed bag–with some good color and a lot of falling brown leaves. The reds on the blackgum at the office have finally emerged. Usually this is one of the first trees to turn, but it waited for the recent rain and is now in its glory.blackgum (3)

blackgum (2)

blackgum (1)

Today was a red letter day. My son is now officially a home owner! IMG_7919
He closed this morning and he and his friends, with the help of his family have been busy making the house his home. Painting, demolition and more have been on-going all day and at least the parents have called it quits for the day. It will be a full week until everything is done, but how exciting! The base coat was getting finished in his family room when I left. The top coat goes on tomorrow and guess what color? ORANGE! Like mother, like son! I can’t wait to see it.

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