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More rain and Carroll County

November 17, 2015

It was another rainy day. I heard we got over three inches in LR, and I drove in rain from Little Rock to Berryville. Sometimes the rain was mild and other times torrential. I was amazed at the amount coming off the mountains. I wish I could have gotten better pictures, but I didn’t want to pull over in the rain to get a shot. waterfalls nov151

waterfalls nov154 The Buffalo River was running high and I saw water in several fields.
We spent the bulk of the day finalizing our schedule and budget and getting ready for our final planning session of 2015. I will be back up middle of January to get the final approval before we go live February 1. As we left to head to the meeting tonight, the rain had finally cleared up and the skies were after rain nov.151

sky after rain nov.152

sky after rain nov.153
We had a great turnout tonight at our meeting and we got a lot accomplished. carroll county planning. 1

carroll county planning. 4

All in all a productive day. This is one state conference you won’t want to miss!
I hope the rain is over for the drive back tomorrow.

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