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A better day to drive!

November 18, 2015

It was decidedly cooler this morning when we awoke than yesterday. From 71 – 45 degrees was a change, but so was sunshine. I am fortunate that I have a lovely place to stay each month when I head north to Berryville (Carroll County) since our meetings are in the evening. Mary and Richard Knight are great hosts, knights.3but it is their dog Shim (I may have misspelled it) who runs the roost. knights.7 She is the sweetest dog, who wants to eat non-stop–and you should see what she eats! knights.4
We were up late last night making sure we had everything in order before I left town this morning. The conference is really coming together.
It was a much prettier day for a drive with beautiful blue skies and bright home.nov.152

drive home.nov.155 There is still a little fall color, but it is turning mostly to browns now.
There are some leaves left, but they have fallen in earnest most places. drive home.nov.151

I did stop at Lumber One lumber1in Mayflower on the way home to see about supplies for our workshop on Sunday at Garvan Gardens. I was impressed with their selection and prices, but they haven’t gotten their holiday plants in yet. Tonight I did see Orange frosted poinsettias at my local Kroger, but the workshop is more for Christmas than Thanksgiving.

I did make it to the grocery store tonight and have purchased most things for our Thanksgiving feast, except for the pumpkin pie mix. They were already out of the mixed stuff, but I do have canned pumpkin, so we may just use that. I hate battling the crowds at the grocery store the week of Thanksgiving.

If you have been watching the forecasts, a killing frost is predicted for this weekend, even here in LR. While some areas of the state have had one, even in Berryville they still had sweet potato vines thriving. But I think it is coming, so prepare.

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